Lompoc Fire Department Side by Side Decals 1

The Foundation Purchases Decals for the Department’s New Side by Side

The Department recently purchased a new grant-funded Side by Side (SxS) off-road vehicle. The SxS is designed for use in areas that are not accessible by vehicle in too far of a trek by foot. In Lompoc, one of the most prominent areas would be the river bed. In the case of a medical aid call, the SxS allows our rescuers to get to their patient(s) quickly and with the appropriate medical supplies. During small vegetation fires, the SxS can help transport firefighters and their equipment quickly to the scene, aiding in a quick knockdown or assessment of the fire. 

The Foundation provided funding to brand and decal the unit. This branding turns an average SxS into an official fire response vehicle! Check out some more photos below. 

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