Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be a member of the Lompoc Firefighters Foundation

Below is information that will help you become familiar with the organizations goals and objectives.

  • The Lompoc Firefighters Foundation is a volunteer organization established on June 28, 2005. Our mission is “to provide community awareness, funding and resources for the Lompoc Fire Department to obtain the equipment, technology and training necessary to maintain the highest level of service possible, safeguarding life, property and the environment.”
  • Meetings are held monthly, on the last Tuesday of the month. There is no meeting in December due to the holiday season.
  • Monthly meetings are held at Lompoc Fire Department’s Station #1: 115 South G Street at 7:00 PM in the training/conference room.
  • There are no dues for membership.
  • A “dress code” was adopted by a majority vote of the members at a regular meeting held August 26, 2014. While out in public representing the Foundation, representatives are required to wear a uniform polo shirt. The cost of the polo shirt is approximately $33.00 (price varies based on size). After participating at three Foundation events, you may request reimbursement of the cost of your uniform shirt. Your receipt for the shirt is required; be sure to save it and turn it in with your request for reimbursement.
  • At the discretion of the Directors, a member may be removed who has missed three (3) consecutive meetings.
  • The Foundation supports and works closely with the Fire Department. On an annual basis, the Department submits a list of equipment that is not funded within the Department’s city budget. These items enhance their emergency response to the community. The members discuss the request and make a determination as to whether our fundraising efforts will be for that piece of equipment or some other item they may need.
  • Interested individuals are more than welcome to attend a meeting or two before making a commitment to join.


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